A Quick Introduction

Grant Mott Photography, LLC is the leading commercial photography and video production studio in Southwest Washington. We are unique because; we offer a wide breadth of services, we are experts in more than just photography and video production, and we provide firm estimates and a satisfaction guarantee.

Photography and Video Production - Elevated

Why we're the right creative vendor for you

There are a lot of photographers and video production houses in southwest Washington, not to mention the greater Portland area.  Why should you work with us?

One vendor, so many services

We noticed that most creatives specialize in just one thing: business portraits OR product photography OR company intro videos, etc. Working with a specialist is great if you have a huge budget, and have the time to manage multiple creatives and their sometimes untamable artistic ego.

We keep everything in house to simplify your project management, and economize your time and budget.  Furthermore, there’s no ego here.  The vision we create is the one that will provide you with the most value.

Let’s get started!

We are your experts

Our knowledge base doesn’t stop at the created visual.  Photography and video are always used as tools within a greater ecosystem. We take time during the final phase of every project – file preparation – to prepare files that will be extremely easy for you to use and will work hard once deployed.

We can point you to tools to help you track the effectiveness of your videos, and show you the metrics that will help you understand how well your photography is working.  Of course, we’re also happy to do it for you too.

This type of service is not provided by our competitors, so we don’t share all the details here.

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Guarantees and Predictability

We are not the cheapest photographer in the market.  Our prices fall somewhere in the middle, but we provide significantly more value than our competitors.

High quality visuals and great customer service are a given. Beyond that, we provide firm estimates that are scope (not time) based. We invite our Clients to be hands on during the shoot, no matter the scope. We have a streamlined file proofing and delivery system that makes it incredibly easy to make selects for retouching. We deliver files that are ready to be deployed. AND We have a satisfaction guarantee for all our services.

That’s right – we have a satisfaction guarantee!

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