Adventures In The Gorge

A few weeks ago we got a little stir crazy.  We’d been putting off location scouting for some upcoming shoots, so we played hockey and took a trip up the Columbia River Gorge. Our goal for the day was to scout new locations, shoot some video, take some landscape photos, and get out of the office. So we packed up all our camera gear, loaded up the dogs, and hit the road. (More below image)

With an early morning start we began by visiting Crown Point. From there we hiked to a couple of the many waterfalls on the Oregon side of the western gorge.  As we migrated further east into Oregon, we jumped onto the historic highway in Mosier and found ourselves stopping at Rowena Crest Viewpoint.  Rowena Crest and Crown point are two incredibly iconic views in the Gorge.  If you follow any travel or landscape photography based Instagram accounts, chances are you’ve seen images from these spots.  We specifically wanted to check out Crown point to see how scale of the gorge plays out as a possible background for an apparel shoot.  I know Rowena Crest has been used in running and cycling shoots in the past, so we wanted to scout it to see if there were any unusual perspectives that we could use in other active lifestyle shoots in the future.

Upon reaching The Dalles, we crossed over the Columbia and made a brief stop at Horsethief Butte.  Definitely a great turn-around point, and would be KILLER Location for a dessert / rocky setting.  Lots of great browns and yellows. We then drove back on the Washington side and enjoyed the different routes and scenery. Overall it was a great day and we got some great shots. Thanks for reading about our adventures in the gorge. Follow us on Facebook to see more photo and video content coming soon.

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