Approachable Corporate Photography

Recently we had the opportunity to put together a few casual corporate images for a regional engineering consultant.  MacKay Sposito is known for their great work in civil engineering, surveying, land development, and energy;  they wanted a few great professional photographs to showcase their uniquely human brand at an upcoming conference.

– Read on below the images –

MacKay Sposito prides itself on being a human organization; they want to be known as approachable and professional – not robotic engineers (though we’re pretty sure they’ve got the skills of a robot army too).  We were encouraged to demonstrate human professionalism through the imagery we put together.

During our scouting trip we immediately noticed the huge colorful walls throughout the office.  Anyone who’s been in an engineering firm’s office knows that bright walls are an anomaly… we were intrigued. After discussing it with MS, we learned that each color represents a different sector served; we knew we had to incorporate them into the photos!

We worked with MS professionals to stage four different plausible work scenarios. Each scene was designed to be visually demonstrative of the day to day activities and values at MS; we tried to show things like team work, preparation, competency, and relationship. MS organized a wonderfully diverse staff for us, and helped get everyone on the same schedule so the shoot would run smoothly.

These types of shoots are always an exhilarating combination of detailed preparation and improv.  We worked with MS to plan out our four shots ahead of time.  Warren and I set up each scene and roughed in the lighting before pulling staff.  Once the staff arrived, we described the scene for them and talked them through posing considerations, and how to interact (or ignore) the camera.  As soon as we start actually shooting the scene, we transition from the planning to the improv!  Suddenly it’s up to the photographer to get everyone relaxed and doing what they need to for the image to work.  Talk about pressure!

For this type of corporate photography, I (Grant) like to use a handful of off camera Canon Speelights mounted on small lightsands.  I typically bounce them off the ceiling and walls for general fill and key lighting.  If hard directional or rim lighting is needed, I’ll point one or two straight into the scene.  This system gives me tons of control over the shape and amount of light and takes advantage of the neutral ceilings and walls typically found in offices.  The neutral surfaces allow me to forego light modifiers and larger strobes, which saves everyone time, effort, and reduces the disruption in the office (WIN!).

We loved getting to hang out and take photos with the MacKay Sposito team and can’t wait to shoot for them again!

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