Business Portraits – Vancouver, WA

We were recently commissioned to create simple, straight-forward, business portraits for a pair of professionals in Vancouver, WA.  The task was to create  clean, natural feeling images that would look great as thumbnails on social networks like LinkedIn and Google+.  Our client needed to project professionalism, approachability, and have an online image that was compatible with their large corporate client’s expectations.  Because the images needed to look good as thumbnails, simplicity was key.

We decided to create traditional, relaxed outdoor portraits.  By using shaded greenery as a background and dressing in business attire, we created a look that was simultaneously approachable, relaxed, and extremely professional.  We also used a few off-camera flashes shot through umbrellas to create the shaped, soft light that works to flatter and separate the subject from the background.

Interested in what these guys do?  Check out their websites – we did a lot of their product and lifestyle photography:

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