Commercial images for medical center – Portland Oregon

This pediatric center just finished building out a new office. They used Grant Mott Photography to create imagery of the new space and their incredible staff.  Images like these will be used on their website to showcase their amazing facility and help patients and parents see that the space is fun!

All the colors and story-book imagery made this shoot a BLAST!

Hospital, portland, oregon, imagery, commercial

Children play in the colorful waiting room of this amazing pediatric medical facility.

Medical building, hospital, Portland, Oregon, commercial, architecture

Exterior of a medical facility.

Medical office, pediatrics, website, imagery, commercial, hospital, portland, oregon

Imagery from a children’s book decorate wall space within a pediatric center.

website imagery, hospital, cardiology, portland, oregon, commercial

A cartoon forrest covers the wall of this pediatric medical facility’s waiting room.

Hospital, doctor, website, imagery, commercial, portland, oregon

Fun images cover the walls in this pediatric medical facility.

Hospital, doctor, website, imagery, portland, oregon, commercial

Echo machine and toys within pediatric cardiology center exam room.

Hospital, Medical, facility, imagery, website, portland, oregon

A doctor talks to a child before starting an echo-cardiogram.


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