Commercial Photographer, Portland Oregon – Influencing mood in post

To many, the images photographers create are wrongfully attributed to the equipment used.  A photograph is actually created in the mind of a photographer, then assembled using a suite of equipment, software, and hard-work. One of the most important components in an image’s creation is post-production. Without skilled color, tone, and detail adjustments, images will fall short of their potential and leave a large creative gap between the photographer’s vision and the final product.


Recently I’ve been pushing the boundaries of my typical post-production work flow and exploring the idea of influencing the mood of an image through non-traditional color treatment and other photo editing tools.  To some, this is a step away from the “true” form of photography… to others, it’s a step into a much better equipped work shed.  Either way, I find it extremely exciting and rewarding to discover the breadth of different moods attainable through my current tool box.


Grant, Mott, Photography, Photographer, Columbia, River, Gorge, Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Mood, Road, Commercial, Landscape

The old Washington SR 14 weaves around a lake east of Bingen, in Klickitat county.

Grant, Mott, Photography, Vancouver, Portland, Oregon, Commercial, Landscape

A barge makes its way to the West along the Columbia River Gorge just East of Bingen, Washington.


Grant, Mott, Photography, Portland, Vancouver, Washington, Photographer, Commercial, Landscape

Mount Hood is set against an orange and purple sky above Hood River, Oregon

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