Corporate Studio Portraits

Do you remember a previous blog post we did with Vancouver based engineering firm MacKay Sposito? Well we were fortunate enough to work with them yet again on a recent project. Similar to our last shoot, we were collaborating with them to create additional photos for their website.  These are a different style than previously however. This second round of images are corporate studio portraits which will be used in a scrolling gallery online to showcase some of their various employees. (More below images)

Our first blog post with MacKay Sposito consisted of many candid photos of employees within the corporate work environment. This shoot however, was entirely made up of full length studio portraits. We set up our studio inside one of their many conference rooms and then proceeded with photographing around half of dozen really fun people. Each employee we photographed held a different job position in the company. We used different props, poses, and styling to most accurately portrait the nature of their work. We even used a few cool styling tricks such as steaming the reflective vests to avoid them being too wrinkled.

MacKay Sposito was looking for full body portraits to use in their scrolling gallery. We were able to achieve a really nice blown out look which is very appropriate for this type of commercial website design. Overall, it was another great day spent at MacKay Sposito. We would like to thank them for inviting us back and are grateful for the great working relationship we have created. Thank you for checking out this week’s post. Head over to our Facebook page and give it a “like” to stay current on what we’re up to as well as see additional content. We will see you next time.

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