Creating Exceptional Business Portraits: Part 1

Status Quo is Not Good Enough

Professional business portraits are consistently underwheleming.  If they evoke any response at all, it’s typically dissinterested sigh. They’re all the same; often poorly lit, the client looks un-natural, and not retouched appropriately. It’s frustrating because photographers can and should do much better! It’s a lose-lose situation when one of the most common points of contact the public has with photographers produces some of the most un-inspired work in the industry.  Photographers: we can do better!

What Should a Professional Business Portrait Accomplish?

For consumers, a headshot should be a well designed tool in a personal branding arsenol.  It is a tool for sharing soft traits with potential clients. A great business portrait is your best first impression… and you only have to create that perfect impression once every few years… and for only 0.005 seconds!  AND a great photographer will direct you through the process so you don’t have to worry about the details.  The process should be quick and easy, and the product shoudl endure.

As photographers, we need to remember that headshots are gateway product into our service / quality oriented industry.  They should be a straight forward, well executed product that serves our client’s immediate needs, while also demonstrating what a professional photographer can do to help their business.  They’re a gateway product that we have to get right.

What goes into a great professional headshot?

Over the next few posts we will be walking through exactly how to create a great business portrait.  Our discussion will start by considering brand, then explore how to represent brand with portrait design.  After that we’ll transition into technical explorations of lighting, posing, and post processing.

Stay tuned for a Behind the Curtain look at what it takes to create a killer professional business portrait.

Until next time,
– Founder / Lead Image Maker

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