Dramatic Business Portrait – Behind the Scenes

Your business portrait needs to speak directly about your brand.  Maybe you need to communicate conservatism with a very traditional studio portrait, or maybe you need communicate power and drama.  Whatever your need, it’s important that the style of your portrait meshes perfectly with your brand message.

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Russ wanted to feel powerful with his business photo.

Last year, Russ wanted an image that communicated power.  He wanted to look and feel on top of his game.

We used the setting and lighting together to accomplish a dramatic look.  The setting contains tons of converging lines and well defined angles.  The lighting is somewhat harsh – deep shadows, and bright highlights.

The image was shot during blue hour – that magical time when natural light turns blue and balances perfectly with indoor light.  Nature provided beautiful ambient light on the buildings around Russ, then we added a little sizzle.  The key light was a small soft box out of frame on the left.  The rim light was a bare speed light on the ground out of frame right.  The cross lighting, dramatic shadows on the subjects face, and geometry of the setting work in harmony to create interest and drama.

It’s a pretty simple set that requires minimal kit… one of our favorites for creating dramatic portraits.

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