Not your mama’s group portrait!

We’ll admit it, group portraits can be a challenge. How does some Joe with a camera make a group of busy people stand still, feel good, and look interesting!? Pretty sure we’ve figured it out… It’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it!

Businesses in Portland and Vancouver are dynamic; a million independent parts trying to move towards the same vision. Businesses have goals, design challenges, marketing campaigns, performance metrics, unique positioning, and highly talented employees.  Your portraits need to reflect that!

Traditional group portraits have the tendency of being a static expression of a mosaic of activity.  That’s not what you want or need.  You need to put your business and employees in context.  If you’re an industrial manufacturer who spends the day out in the trenches, a clean corporate portrait is going to look rediculous.  Maybe you’ve got a highly trained team of dental professionals, don’t put them in the parking lot!

We work hard to find appropriate, on-message settings for our client’s group portraits.  Where does that usually end up being?… their place of business!  It’s where you do what you do best, and where you can best showcase what you do.

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