E-commerce Photographer – Portland, Oregon

Scope for Online Retail Store Photography

This spring, ESO Strap – maker of some insanely comfortable guitar and bass straps – contacted us to create new images for their e-commerce store.

The scope was a typical e-tail scope: create three different images for each of a number of guitar and bass straps.  The requested images included the strap ends, the strap laid flat, and the strap in an in-use geometry.

Product Photographer – Capturing Texture and Form

While this scope was fairly straight forward, the texture and form of the straps required some consideration.  The texture on the strap was pronounced enough that we wanted it to be visible in the final images.  We used simple cross lighting and bare bulbs to bring out the color and texture of the straps.

One of the special things about ESO Straps is their geometry. The straps have a sewn in bend that helps them rest naturally on the musician’s shoulder. We had to show the bend to accurately represent the product.  We also wanted to show the strap  in a three-dimensional manner to demonstrate how comfortably it would rest on the musician’s shoulder.  The strap’s form was demonstrated in two photographs – the lay-down, and the ghost image.


By laying the guitar straps on a flat surface, the bend naturally appears.  These lay-down images proved the form of the strap.

However, to really sell the form, we needed to show the straps in a ghost-mannequin / 3 dimensional manner.  To accomplish this, we used a light stand boom arm as a stand-in for the musician’s shoulder and propped up the guitar and bass using an apple crate.  After each image was captured, we removed the light stand and crate using photoshop.

Clean, Sharp, Vibrant, Product Photography

The result of all the forethought, cross lighting, and photoshop work is a set of photographs that are crisp, clean, vibrant, and really sing in an e-commerce environment.  As a photographer, it was a fun little challenge to photograph the straps in a three dimensional position. As a guitar player, these things are COMFORTABLE!

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