Portfolio Photographer – Washougal, WA

A few weeks ago I got to spend some time helping Lori Reed, Reed Creative, put together portfolio images for her new website.  I love helping small business owners put together stellar image assets for their marketing; I love it even more when I get to work with focused professionals who have a clear vision of what they want.  Lori is an experienced designer focused on serving corporate, education, and culinary clients with top-of-class print design.  She’s done everything from business cards to custom envelopes, and pill sample packages to kayak guide books.  … her work is amazing!

Before the shoot, Lori and I spent some time discussing layout, colors, and the “general feel” she needed for the images.  The final product is going to be used in her new, soon to be revealed, website and needed to be photographed and cropped to be compatible with some unique layout considerations.

I did some homework to determine exactly what was needed to achieve the project’s look, and gave thought to how we could make the shoot run as efficiently as possible.  When it was all said and done, we created something like 15 to 20 images within a two and a half hour shoot.  Given how OCD Lori and I are about getting things “just so” 15-20 images is an incredible feat.

A few things really helped facilitate an efficient shoot:

1) Specific Planning – I worked through a few lighting schemes ahead of time to make sure we had one that would give us the best results on the day

2) Set-up – I had the kitchen… er studio set up before Lori arrived.  She came in and we started shooting

3) Tethered Capture – My camera was connected to a computer during the shoot.  This allowed us to verify we had each image in real time, saving time on over shooting and keeping us from missing the shot.

4) Client preparation – Lori came prepared and organized.  Her portfolio was ready to be shot and we were able to rifle through as quickly as we could lay out the items and click the shutter.  Her preparation was just as important to the smooth shoot as ours was.

Lessons learned: Preparation and real-time course correction leads to an efficient, successful shoot.

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