Portraits – Vancouver, Washington

This week we had a chance to stop by Rose Family Medicine in Vancouver, Washington.  They needed a few new portraits for their website and doctor directories, and used our May Portrait Special as an excuse to get it done.  If you haven’t been to Dr. Rose, he’s worth a visit!

It seems that today many medical professionals aren’t able to spend as much time with their patients as they’d like.  Somehow, Dr. Rose always manages to take the time needed to really get to know his clients.  Typically appointments are scheduled for a full hour… with the doctor!  You step into his office and are greeted by a comfy leather couch, hanging plants, and awesome fossils.  Then he sits down across from you and listens intently as you share your concerns.  I LOVE his way of doing medicine and am so grateful that I got to help him with his portraits.

Have you taken advantage of our May Special?  Time’s running out, so be sure to book soon!

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