Attention Grabbing

Professional photography that evokes emotion for your business.

Professional Corporate Photography

Advertising, and public relations require a variety of professional photography assets; we create flexible suites of images for our clients to use across a multitude of platforms and aspect ratios.

Some of the places our corporate and business photography is commonly used:

  • Home page banners
  • Corporate reports
  • About us pages
  • Marketing collateral
  • Social media posts
  • Company historical archives
  • Trade publications
  • E-commerce banners
  • Product and service demonstration articles

 The Process

Each corporate project begins with a needs assessment.  We spend a few minutes talking about everything from expected end-use and messaging, to color pallet, style, budget, and schedule. Custom photography should represent your business in a manner that is both captivating and on-brand. The needs assessment is about making sure that happens.

From there we talk nuts and bolts during pre-production – who will be involved, when will the shoot take place, who is coordinating with whom, etc.  The purpose of this phase is to ensure production days are smooth and seamless.

The production day arrives.  We use our shot list and pre-production notes to ensure you get the images you need for the end uses we discussed.  Sometimes scopes change – the image you thought was going to be used for social media is actually going to be used for a web banner.  No big deal! We’re agile and can adjust.

Post production begins after the shoot. We get to work culling, retouching, and preparing the image files for their end use.  You will have a chance to provide comment before final delivery.

As with everything we do, our goal is to create valuable image assets for your advertising and PR purposes.  From the early phases of planning, through to the final moments of re-touching and file prep, we are always thinking about your brand, your messaging, and the end-use.