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We optimize your image files for search engines. They will look great and rank well too. Double WIN!

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Stress free product photography: Follow our process and we guarantee our work, and proof delivery within 6 business days!

Straight Forward Product Photography

Our straight forward product photography service is designed to provide as much value, as simply as possible.  If you need images for e-commerce, or use in a catalog, this is the service for you. If you need something a bit more customized, check our our Custom Product Photography service.

What's holding you back?

Free trial + Satisfaction Guarantee + 6-day turn = YES

Improved SEO and Rankings

Images should complement and enhance the SEO you work hard to maintain on your website. Have you taken the time to optimize all your image files to boost your SEO and Rankings?  It’s kind of a pain! Website control panels make it possible to update the appropriate information on your images, but it’s not a quick process.

We’ve solved that problem! Our on-boarding process collects the information needed to prepare your images for SEO stardom. Your final images will both look great, and be primed to start working for your SEO and Rankings upon deployment.

First Image is Free!

We know working with a new photographer can feel like a risky investment.  What if the images don’t live up to the examples?  What if the vendor is flakey, or has hidden costs?

Ship us a product, and we’ll create your first image for free.  No commitments, no hard feelings, just an honest introduction to our services and people.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve put together a clear process for creating our straight forward product photography.  As long as you follow our process, we guarantee our work:

If you’re not happy with the final images, we will make it right. It might be as simple as tweaking the retouch, or as involved as a total re-shoot. We’re committed to providing a great product backed by stellar customer service!

It’s how we’d like to be treated too!

Images in Six Business Days or it’s Free!

The faster you get your images, the faster you can use them to start selling your products; we get it!  We use our on-boarding process to streamline production so we can create your images efficiently.  The process is so clean, in fact, that we will have your final images ready for review within six business days, or it’s on us!

There are, of course, a few exceptions: holidays, high-volume times, and exceptionally large orders.  In such cases, we will let you know – UP FRONT – that we will not be able to turn the files in six business days, and will provide a hard commitment on when the images will be ready.  If we don’t meet that commitment, the work is still on us.

How it Works

Our straight forward product photography service is designed to create clean, bright, detailed images you will use to sell your goods online and in catalogs.

Our great services works like this:

  1. Contact us so we can get things started
  2. Fill out the order form we provide
  3. Ship us your products
  4. We create and deliver your images
  5. We return your products

Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Communication is key

We keep you informed as your products make their way through our production queue by e-mailing you every time they advance through the process.  Who doesn’t like being kept in the loop?!

Background Options

We offer three image styles to help you sell more, no matter the market place.  Our standard pricing applies to all three backgrounds.  Photographing the same product against multiple backgrounds, however, constitutes multiple images.

Clean White

Clean White perfect for places like Amazon, Shopify, and Overstock.  We know the specs for each marketplace, and will make sure the delivered files are ready to go.

Bars of soap are displayed on a background of weathered wood - Grant Mott Photography

Reclaimed Wood

Our reclaimed wood set is perfect for craft-goods and selling on sites like Etsy.  The warm patina and grain on our weathered set communicates hand-made quality; a compelling attribute to for today’s consumer.

Clean White Alternates

Sometimes it’s nice to have a grounding shadow or reflection on your clean white images.  When you aren’t constrained by the spec’s of larger market places, reflections and shadows add an aesthetic credibility.