Vancouver / Portland Attorney Photographer

We were recently invited to work with NW Legacy Law Center and are excited to have the chance share some of the final product. Our client is building a new website and needed high quality portraits, images of their work facility, and photos showing typical interactions with their clients. The ultimate goal of this shoot was to create images that showed the NW Legacy Law team to be approachable, professional, and trustworthy.

We worked closely with the client to develop a shot list and determine the feel they were looking for in the images. Because they work so much with estate planning and business formation, they did not want to appear aggressive (like prosecuting attorneys) or very formal, like a huge corporate firm.  Most of their clients deal with emotional life planning decisions such as trusts, wills, etc. Through the use of posing, lighting, and environmental surroundings we were able to achieve the look they needed.

– More below the images –

We started the shoot with the environmental portraits. We used a few different off camera flashes to create nice dynamic lighting.  A shallow depth of field was used to separate the subject from the background, while also pulling in the colors of downtown Vancouver. 

We also spent some time in their office photographing a few candid scenes. The purpose of working in the offices and conference room was to highlight natural interactions between the Law Center and their clients. For these images, we bounced two speed lights off the ceiling to provide a nice fill against the bright ambient light coming through the large windows.

Finally, we took some architectural photos solely of the work environment. Their office is truly a beautiful piece of architecture both internally and externally. The images capture the welcoming energy of the setting.

We do this type of work all the time, and love.  Create a mix of professional images for small businesses is both rewarding, and always just a little challenging.  There’s always something unexpected!

Stay tuned.

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